My world is one like this!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I figured I will start my  Blog on of cause JYJ, but will be drama and kpop artist and random stuff  I like. ..   So it’s been about 3 mouths since there Three Rooms Book and CD came out.  And I can’t help but to love all the songs on there CD.  Not cause Ive been a fan for ever but because the music and the songs are truly nice  and shows there creativity..

So the song that has been on my Playlist none stop or Whenever I turn on my Ipod it’s number 1 in my playlist.  Would be the song Pierrot.  I have fell in love with that song. Although Nine and IDs are also on top of my list.. I just feel a happy smile when i hear Pierrot . I just start shouting OH OH OH..

So yeah that is a song I recommend if you feel you just need to smile or want to feel bubbly. LOL.

That is it for now until next time..


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