My world is one like this!!!!!!!!!!


Definitely can not leave this out

Well  I can not believe that I did not post this sooner..  So this is of cause is a I video love, I’m so happy they did this and made a video for this.  I can’t wait for them to do more ..

Credit: lovena33





What Time is it … 2pm baby

So this group right here, the bestly idols… I will say when they debut I did not really like them.   I already know of Hwang Chan Sung because of High Kick but everyone else I did not I thought they were to unpolished, but then as I started to watch them I really liked them.  So the song i’m going to say that tops for me with them is “I’m your Man” This dance is just sexy creative and lot of fun/ the tie dance is a win win for me.

credit: Hello127Hi


This song I know is kinda old now but there some of my fave songs by these boys, I really like them though. MBLAQ  I think these songs  had so much of Rain in them.  That for a minute  I wished he did the song with them or just by him, but  MBLAQ  did a good job.. I think MBLAQ will bring good things to the table soon  for sure if  they keep going strong like now.

credit:  SeydiRSM